It's really pathetic that a match that came out 12 years ago

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It's really pathetic that a match that came out 12 years ago

I will say it.It's really pathetic that a match that came out 12 years ago (APF 2K8) is a much more precise representation of Pro Football than the biggest football video game series in history. Here's a movie of APF 2K8 gameplay, see how natural and organic it seems compared to Madden Yet another element where contemporary Madden falls short is demonstration. Stadiums all feel the same- For example, Kansas City and Seattle are assumed to Mut 21 coins be LOUD and crazy, yet in Madden they are no louder than any other arena. Home field advantage which is a big deal in football, is nowhere to be found.

Underutilizing that the ESPN license- EA has the rights to use branding, the ESPN license, and graphics. Imagine playing utilizing commentators and the full MNF images. Even a week Sportscenter, or Envision post game interviews series during Franchise. Discussing the news and stats throughout the league, and even revealing highlights. NFL 2K5, a 15 year old game had these attributes, thus there's absolutely not any excuse for EA to not do it, except for laziness.

No more mouthguards or visors- there's not any explanation for this. Akward commentary- Seriously, the comment feels autonomous and akward, not organic or reacting to moments in Madden nfl. The sad reality is that these complaints will fall on deaf ears, because unless it is MUT or"marketable", EA doesn't give a damn. And because of the greed of the NFL, we won't find rivalry to give EA the kick in the pants they desperately need.

OP reads like somebody who hasn't even played Madden 20. Even though Madden nfl has its own flaws (and it has a lot), they are not even anything he said. To working backwards with your QB, penalties were included by them. WR icons disappear and you recipient accuracy penalties. This year, throwing arcs were revamped. Even the most hardcore sim heads on YT and that has been admitted by these. It's much harder to'lurk' and get animations unless you're playing with Ultimate Team using 99 speed and also the Lurker ability.

Madden's blocking IQ is the most innovative blocking AI we have ever seen in a game concerning schemes. But people who don't know the real X's and O's of football wouldn't understand that however. They just see one'nano' blitz freak out and missed block detection. That applies to every game and can be tapped, although it is far from perfect. I am having a go around with NCAA 14 (the community go-to everyone's favourite football game ever ) along with the OL just lets DLineman go unnoticed a few times every game. It happens here and in real life.

99 percent of people who whine about Madden not being simulation football do not even understand what a simulation soccer game that is true is. And when they found out, they'd whine that Madden nfl wasn't entertaining enough and took too much effort. I am not fond of EA, but they have to build 1 game to accommodate to 5 or 4 distinct communities and they're never going to please some or all of them due to it.Madden is light years ahead of Buy Madden nfl 21 coins 2K soccer from an X's and O's/schematics stand line. The edge 2K has is being able to predict DL stunts, which Madden does not have for an assortment of reasons.