Fovissste procedures online that you can do from home

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Are you looking to carry out a Fovissste procedure online ? Below we share all the services offered by the Housing Fund, without having to leave home. Discover them now!

Are you looking to carry out a Fovissste procedure online ? Below we share all the services offered by the Housing Fund, without having to leave home. Discover them now!

The Housing Fund of the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (FOVISSSTE) has launched a platform so that its borrowers can carry out a series of procedures related to their credit, without the need to visit a service center By making use of Fovissste online, you can carry out various procedures such as requesting a mortgage loan and even making the corresponding payment for it . If you are interested in knowing more about Fovissste procedures online , we invite you to continue reading.

What services related to my mortgage credit can I do in Fovissste online ?

  • View account statements 
  • Use credit simulators
  • Check the status of the Credit Application
  • Request Proof of Credit Interest
  • Review housing offers 
  • Find financial institutions
  • Check status of the 5% refund 
  • Choose notaries public by state
  • Exercise the right to write complaints, suggestions and acknowledgments

View account statements 

As a State worker you can access Fovissste online to check the account status of your financing. The only thing you need to register in the system is to enter your Unique Population Registration Code (CURP), the Credit Number and have a personal email that is active.  

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Once you check your account statement, you can make use of the bank deposit cards, which allow you to download or print a form to make the payment at the teller window of the corresponding banking institution, be it CitiBanamex, Santander or HSBC.

Other procedures that you can see and carry out in this section are:

  • Update your mortgage credit statement.
  • Request the return of excess payments, in the FOVISSSTE mortgage loans section.
  • Request the credit settlement letter for the benefit of the extinction of the obligation, which is granted due to total or permanent disability of the beneficiary or due to the death of the owner of the financing.   

Use credit simulators

If you do not have a current mortgage loan, but you want to buy a house in the short term, then you should access a credit simulator to see which Fovissste financing scheme is best for you.

mortgage credit simulator is a tool that most financial institutions offer through their official internet pages. Its main objective is to help calculate the value of the monthly installments that you would have to pay for contracting financing, which are calculated from the interest rates, the repayment term and the Total Annual Cost (CAT); in some cases your monthly salary is also considered. 

In Fovisste online you can access a simulator for different financing schemes offered by the Housing Fund, as traditional credit , Credit Pensioners , Credit Plus Partners, Credit Backed and Credit Fovisste for All .

Check the status of the Credit Application

Another online Fovissste procedure that you can perform from the comfort of a mobile device or personal computer is to check the status of your Credit Application. For this, you will have to enter your File Number, a valid email and the preferred password. 

It is important that you check the status of your Credit Application, since from this, it will be defined if you are a candidate to buy a house through the Housing Fund. 

Request Proof of Credit Interest

In Fovissste online you can also request your Evidence of Interest, which is basically an annual return to Income Tax (ISR) of individuals who have processed a mortgage loan through the Housing Fund and are State workers. 

Borrowers will be able to access this application from March of their respective year and the record will reflect what corresponds to the previous year. 

If you are interested in requesting your Certificate of Interest to know the actual payments paid for your mortgage loan, you must install Acrobat Reader 9 or its most updated versions, since this program is necessary to obtain this document. 

Review housing offers 

To know the available housing offer you must enter Fovissste online . This system has two search methods, the first is to consult the offer through the Unique Housing Code and the second is to perform a search by state, municipality, state of construction and set a minimum and maximum price.

The Housing Fund provides a list of homes that are available for purchase, some of them are still under construction, so it is necessary to check that it does not exceed the time stipulated in the contract. 

A great advantage of this is that you can visit the property that you like the most without having to be committed to buying it. However, you must bear in mind that the price set by the portal is only indicative; In other words, that price still does not have the current real estate appraisal, so the cost could rise. 

Find financial institutions

Fovissste online offers a tool so that borrowers can access a mortgage loan through an authorized financial institution for free, such is the case of SOFOMES, which advise you from the beginning of the purchase and sale process until they are signed the deeds before the Public Property Registry. 

To use this tool, you must enter the type of credit you wish to request, the federal entity where you wish to make the investment and the municipality of choice. Later, they will provide you with a list of various options to start the process of your financing.

Check status of the 5% refund 

In the event that you are an ISSSTE pensioner and have never applied for a mortgage loan in the period from 1972 to 1992, you will have the opportunity to request a refund of 5% corresponding to the contributions made bimonthly by your employer in the Housing Sub-account , and that are equivalent to 5% of your integrated salary. That is, the salary plus the benefits corresponding to the law. 

To know the current status of this refund, it is necessary that you enter Fovissste online with your Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC). In this way, you will know if you are a candidate for this 5% refund.

Choose notaries public by state

This online Fovissste procedure and the previous one are very similar, since it consists of searching for active notaries public by state. This is a great advantage for borrowers who want to choose a trusted professional and avoid real estate fraud by falling for a fraudulent person. 

The notaries public that you will find in Fovissste online are people authorized by the Housing Fund, so you have nothing to worry about.

Exercise the right to write complaints, suggestions and acknowledgments

Finally, another procedure related to your credit that you can do at Fovissste online is to exercise the right to use the SIREB system's complaints, suggestions and acknowledgments box. 

In this way you will receive a more direct and timely treatment. You can also enter the requests you want, follow up on them and verify their progress, all within the same portal.   


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