What are the basic services of a home and how to hire them

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When looking for services for the home, it is essential to have different options to choose the best ones. Find out how you can streamline this process to your advantage.

When looking for services for the home, it is essential to have different options to choose the best ones. Find out how you can streamline this process to your advantage.

When you plan to move to a new property, it is common that the basic services of the house are not contracted and, if they are, they are suspended.

Due to this, the times to inhabit your property can be longer, cause unnecessary inconvenience and make you spend more money than you had planned.

Hiring services for the home is essential to have a good quality of life, so we will give you some tips that you can use when you need to start the process of contracting basic services for your home.

What are the basic services of a home and how to hire them:

  • Water service
  • Telephone / internet service
  • Electric energy service
  • Stationary gas service

Water service

Drinking water is an essential household service that can sometimes take time to be properly installed in housing units, however, it is important to know how to carry out this procedure to avoid confusion and delays.

In the event that you are the owner of the property, the necessary documents to be able to make this contract must be presented in person at the nearest offices of the drinking water service in your city. The documents are:

  • Copy of property tax paid
  • Copy of voter's credential
  • Copy of the cadastral plan

In the event that a third party wishes to make this request, they must present an original power of attorney and a copy of their voter ID.

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The domestic use contract for 10 m of line costs $ 2,100.00 pesos. Each meter passing the 10 m in polyduct will be charged at $ 35.00 pesos and the meter in tube plus of 13 mm will be charged at $ 70.00 pesos.

When you want to give the property a commercial - industrial use, this contract will have a cost of $ 2,700.00 pesos, and in the event that the property is given summer use, the installation service will have a price of $ 2,700.00 pesos.

Telephone / internet service

Regardless of the company you choose, telephone and internet services require proof of address in order to install the service.

You will also have to have a prior installation or allow the company's technicians to make some modifications to your home to accommodate the correct tools to make the use of the internet more efficient.

One technique to be able to choose an internet service that works for your needs is to consult with neighbors and acquaintances about the type of company they acquired. Ask how much the service costs and how well it has worked for them.

When you attend to make the service contract, take into account what type of installation it offers. Advances in fiber optics, unlike those still made with copper, are immune to electromagnetic interference and offer a more stable internet and phone service.

Electric energy service

Of all the services for the home, the electricity bill is one of the few that is issued and sent bimonthly. This service is usually always present in residential areas, except in neighborhoods that are too far away where a power plant is used to supply energy to the houses.

The process to request its hiring in private homes, vacation homes and commercial premises can be done easily online .

In this form you are requested data such as the type of billing you want to receive, your general data (RFC, name, telephone numbers), information of the address where the connection is required, characteristics of the service (date, amount of services required), and the address to receive notifications.

No special document is needed and the contract only has an escrow fee on the first receipt. This amount is paid only once and when the service is canceled it is returned to the owner.

The rates to be paid are determined monthly and depend on the consumption of each residential or commercial unit.

Stationary gas service

Similar to the telephone and internet contract, the process for contracting gas requires only one call and proof of address. Since those who provide this service for the home roam the streets periodically, it is easier to find a company that meets your needs.

It is also highly recommended to consult the variety of gas companies that run around your new home , as well as the successes and failures of the service.

The rates of this good are changing, in good seasons the price drops and can be found from $ 10.99 pesos to $ 16.00 pesos per kilogram in some northern cities.

To make the correct choice of gas service, it is also necessary that you pay attention that the suppliers provide full kilograms and that the hoses or tanks they use are in good condition.

When you move into a new home, there is also the possibility that you already have some home services installed and you just need to change the owner or reactivate the supply. If you want to know how you can do it , this article will be useful to you.

To make your investment more profitable, we leave you these tips so that you can reduce the consumption of home services and save money.