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Great moves for a great cause ---- fun. Strut your grooves here

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Remember send in your best grooves and share the fun!

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Ok To all the Rock and Grooving dance lovers a shout out to the greatest Rock and Roll group ever to strap on a guitar and with an unapologetic Rock and Roll Strut that made for some of the best summer fun in the 80's we have an amazing video shout out we are looking to premier soon! Can you guess the group?

Has to be AC/DC
No way I say it is the Hair band Poison
It can only be one group, Van Halen!
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Hove you uploaded your Groove? Get started have fun!

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Shake It Up (By David Renda) Get the Retro Techo fast forward Groove to 2020. Upbeat and Hopping


Well get the Funk, Pop, Hip hop and plain Grooves on right here! Upload your Video clips, share, like, have fun on a safe and secure built in the USA platform made for fun!